Recent news

2015, August 22nd - astah-anycode-plugin-1.3.2_GA

Major bug fixes :

  • BUG #17 : java directive : in classifierSignature, 'abstract' keyword is not taken into account. realizations are not rendered correctly.
  • BUG #18 : java directive : in operationImplementation, methods with no parameters display 'null' string. data type 'void' is capitalized.

2015, August 11th - astah-anycode-plugin-1.3.1_GA

This release includes the following (details can be found on Issue Tracker :

  • Support for Astah 7
  • BUG #10 : Inheritance is now fixed
  • ENH #11 : Support for base properties in templates (derived, leaf, static...)
  • BUG #13 : Cardinality.isSingle() now returns right results
  • BUG #14 : Progress bar now goes to 100%
  • ENH #15 : Support for UML constraints (can now be accessed from a template)

2014, May 8th - astah-anycode-plugin-1.3.0_GA

This release includes the following :

  • Templates are now associated with a scope through a specific naming convention. This enables to decide whether a template will generate sources for each UML classifier or for the Model itself.
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated documentation

Anycode documentation for UML API and Directives have been completed.

2014, April 27th - Site Updated

Anycode documentation for UML API and Directives have been completed.

2014, March 23rd - astah-anycode-plugin-1.2.0_GA

This first release candidate includes the following features

  • Groovy is now used as templating language instead of Freemarker
  • Objectice-C directive first release and tutorial (still under development)
  • Bug fixes

NOTE : Because switching to groovy is very recent, This 1.2.0 Anycode Plugin might not be as stable as 1.1.0_GA. A minor release is scheduled in April to fix them.

2013, November 7th - astah-anycode-plugin-1.1.0_GA

This release includes the following features

  • Support for all Astah UML editions
  • Support for custom code insertions (@util.custom_code).
  • JPA2 and Spring Built-in directive. Automates annotation generation. Please read JPA2/Spring-Data tutorial

You can also go the BitBucket issue tracker to display all changes

2013, September 15th - astah-anycode-plugin-1.1.0M2

This release includes the following features

  • New GUI to give better feedback and tracability about the code generation process
  • New website organisation

2013, July 21st - astah-anycode-plugin-1.1.0M1

This release includes the following features

  • Support for built-in directives mechanism
  • Utility (@util) built-in directive that will helps querying UML class, attributes, operations easily. This directive will have more and more functions in the future
  • Java (@java) built-in directive that give a set of macros to make code generation easier in this language. For the moment, only a few macros are developed
  • First version of API documentation

This release is a milestone. This means that it may not be completely stable. There will be 2 more milestone release before 1.1.0 is officially released. See Roadmap for more details

2013, July 7th - Website update

Web site's skin has been updated as menus were not opening using firefox.

2013, July 6th - Website update

Web site has been updated : templating documentation is now available online as well as full PDF documentation.

2013, July 5th - New website

Welcome to our new website, !

2013, June 15th - astah-anycode-plugin-1.0.0 released

First release